About Hands at Home

"She is like an angel. No, she is what angels look at and say ahhh... I want to be like Nicki."

- Steve Morrison,
The Preston & Steve Show

Nicki Dekunchak is a country girl turned city girl with a passion for everything beautiful, girly, yummy, furry and fun. A fully licensed massage therapist and esthetician, Nicki started Hands at Home because she believes people are most comfortable in their own surroundings. When Nicki arrives in your home or place of business you're greeted by her calming demeanor and beautiful smile. She takes joy in bringing her love of everything "spa" to others, whether that be for relaxation, therapy, or better skin! As she continues to grow in her craft, Nicki appreciates educating her clients on ways they can live a more stress-free life and how fitting Hands at Home into their personal schedule is all part of becoming a more patient, content, and happy person. 

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